Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Design Week

...and we are getting quite a bit of press interest at the moment including a great piece in this week's Design Week www.studio-output.com/studio-output-features-in-design-week

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you could also check out our website: www.museumofclubculture.com

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Setting Up

Setting up at The Museum of Club Culture - the weekend of 17th and 18th July 2010

Mark Wigan's exhibition

video by Humber TV

'The In Crowd Exhibition' by Mark Wigan

The Museum of Club Culture is situated in the old Fruit Market in Hull's new cultural quarter still has plenty of work to be done on it by the builders before it officially opens in September, but we opened our doors for the return of the Clipper weekend with an exhibition of work by Mark Wigan titled 'The In Crowd'.

International artist, illustrator, educator and writer Mark Wigan has been prolific in his creations from mural painting in New York and Tokyo to exhibiting in contemporary art galleries world wide. He has designed Club interiors, sets for T.V. shows, Airships and appeared as the central figure in adverts for Parco department store in Japan. He has painted the world with his strange creatures and also chronicled night life and subcultures in pen and ink. www.wigansworld.com