Monday, 11 March 2013

As I Please

As I Please
'an exhibition of scribbles executed on newsprint paper'
by Hull artist Pehair

Preview evening Thursday 2nd May 6 - 8.30 pm
Exhibition continues weekends 12pm - 4.30pm until 24th May.

Pehair has pictorially documented the demi monde of the city of Hull in the north east of England with narrative humour for many years. His work is influenced by the social satirist Honore Daumier's depiction of city dwellers and the nineteenth century brothel drawings of Degas.

The artist's brief introduction:

'For about 3 decades or more I have used cheap surfaces on which to express the need I have had to draw. (i.e. pulp paper).
It suits perfectly my method of working and, because of it,  not been a costly process. I can afford myself liberties not granted to me by using more expensive surfaces.
It is worth mentioning that I never, never, ever retain the original pieces – once laid down, they are without ceremony destroyed and bundled off into the garbage can. (countless masterpieces are to be discovered on the Bransholme tip).

The images I have presented here are mere photographic copies.

As to what you observe, I make no excuses, all of the stuff is of self only interest. The gals and the odd cat pieces, the occasional caricature portrait of a friend or others. The rather saucy stuff relating to the massage room dollies – all are for fun and so I will be delighted should you on viewing offer up a snigger or two.
I am humbly yours, PEHAIR'