Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dvblog screening

You are invited to a dvblog screening on Saturday 26th March.
This is a 45 minute programme of artists video curated by Michael Szpakowski and Doron Golan of the online dvblog resource.
It will be running continuously between 1pm and 5pm. Free Entry.

Since the summer of 2005 DVblog has been an online resource for art & entertainment movies in QuickTime format.

Saturday 26th March will see an offline manifestation of DVblog.

Artists featured:
Martha Deed, Steven Ball, Robert Croma, Eddie Whelan, Rupert Howe, Morrisa Maltz, JimPunk, Donna Kuhn, Millie Niss, Kerry Baldry, Giles Perkins, Sam Renseiw, Alan Sondheim, Nathaniel Stern, Liz Sterry,

"We interpret our mission widely - whilst we don’t turn up our noses at the trivial, popular & amusing we also try to post the best (and the most intriguing or challenging) in new video work, so daily posts are exclusively prepared by folk who are themselves involved in making video work. We’ve insisted on always having a QuickTime copy of each piece for our server and so we have built up a large historical archive of the explosive development of online art video over the last few years'. dvblog

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