Friday, 9 March 2012

Snap, Crackle and Neo Pop!

Snap, Crackle and Neo Pop!

An exhibition of paintings, prints and Russian Dolls by Mark Wigan
Preview opening - Saturday 24th March from 12 noon - 5pm
Open weekends 11 am - 5pm or during the week by appointment
Exhibition runs for 2 weeks.

Mark Wigan's work is anthropology a go-go, reportage, snatches of babble n chat and painstaking diagrams of classification. There is a commitment to spontaneity, intuition, the power of the imagination, graphic directness and the compulsion to draw. The paintings on exhibition feature motifs of masks, ciphers, biomorphs, wiggy antennae, boss eyes and hybrid creatures interlacing with teeming totemic schematized figures and electronic incubuses to form intricate technicolour maps, diagrams and patterns. The paintings, drawings and prints are both information and decoration, mapping out a hidden landscape and yielding secret signs. Archetypal and mythological sources arise from an intuitive journey into the collective unconscious and from observations and suffusion of mass media.

By embedding his personal, visual anthropology with meaningful associations with other pictorial languages he seeks active communication with his audience. Driven by the need to impose meaningful structure on the chaos of contemporary media overload Wigan seeks a TOTAL art. It is interesting that he is still making paintings out of a necessity to capture something more universal, more permanent. Wigan has produced a body of work that can be viewed as social and cultural hieroglyphics for our time, a visual anthem for the Twenty First century.

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