Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The DJ Hall of Fame (Part 1)

Photo: El Nino by  Reftel and Jessica Reftel Evans
The first DJ to rock the house was Reginald A Fessenden who played the first records on radio on Christmas Eve 1906 and the DJ has been a cultural icon and a key figure in popular music ever since. The DJ Hall of Fame Exhibition at The Museum of Club Culture in Hull is a celebration of the work of over 100 legendary DJs from around the world, highlighting the significance of these shamens of the dancefloor.

In 1947 the first discotheque called The Whisky a Go-Go opened its doors in Paris and by 1953 the clubs DJ Regine was playing records to a packed dancefloor on two turntables with no breaks in the music.

Contemporary Djs from a broad range of music scenes take their audiences on musical journeys by selecting tracks and creating mixsets that blend songs together, skillfully creating subtle highs and lows while building up the atmosphere of a club night.

The exhibition will feature photographs, histories and the all time top 10 floor filling records selected by seminal club DJs. The DJs selected are pioneers and innovators from diverse music genres including Jazz, Ska, Rockabilly, Northern Soul, Disco to Funk, Hip Hop, Acid House, Techno and Dubstep.

Featured DJ's include: Trevor Fung, Jay Strongman, Judge Jules, Graeme Park, UFO, DJ Milo, Gilles Peterson, Princess Julia, Ady Croasdell, Russ Winstanley, Mixmaster Morris, Keb Darge, Cathy Jordan, Richio Suzuki, Scott DSouza, Nancy Noise, Chris Sullivan, Terry Farley, DJ Harvey, El Nino, Choci Roc to name but a few

Opening Saturday 7th September at 6pm
exhibition runs until 24th October.
Open weekends 11 – 4.30pm or during the week by appointment

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