Friday, 12 June 2015

Untold Stories 2015

The Museum of Club Culture has received an Untold Stories 2015 Award to make a film chronicling and celebrating the history of Nightlife in Hull. Untold Stories is part of Roots and Wings Hulls Creative People and Places Project funded by Arts Council England and the James Reckitt Library Trust. We are video-recording your stories about the club culture of Hull from the 1960s onwards producing a record that will become part of the Untold Stories Archive, raising the profile of the Library Service and the wider cultural offer of Hull.
We are looking for people to interview for this cross generational project, and to bring in any Hull related nightclub memorabilia that we can photograph to add to the archive/film. So if you spent time dancing the night away at coffee clubs, ballrooms, discotheques and nightclubs such as The Gondola Club and Coffee Bar, Grannys Parlour Folk Club,The Locarno Ballroom,Club 51,The Majestic, Kevin Ballroom, Movin Scene,The Discoteque, Brick House, Fagins, Malcolms Discoteque, Beverley Road Baths, Kon Tiki Club, Skyline, Baileys, New York Hotel, Purple Pussycat Club, Flipper disc Cafe,Telstar, Tiffanys Nightspot, Hofbrauhaus, Trogg Bar, Henrys, Oddessy Discotek, Club International, Romeos and Juliets, Bier Keller, Lexington Avenue, Eclipse,The Silhouette Club, Wellington Club, Blue Lamp,Spiders, The Room, Adelphi Club, or Fruit we hope you choose to take part and tell your own story of Hulls nightclub scenes. Please come along to The Museum of Club Culture on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 12pm - 4pm or contact us at