Thursday, 18 August 2016

Soft Wax at The Museum of Club Culture

We are delighted invite Soft Wax to The Museum of Club Culture during The  Freedom Festival on Saturday
3rd and Sunday 4th September 12pm to 6pm Suite 5, 42 High St, Hull, HU1 (admission free)

Soft Wax operates on the margins where music meets sound art, meets installation art and visual art, led by Steve Wax.

Steve Wax has been a Zelig-like figure in the sphere of roots rock rebel music for several decades. As the fulcrum of the Soft Wax project, he has been at the helm of some of the UK’s best dub and reggae nights, as well as performance art and installation events.

Much of the diverse output of Soft Wax is inspired by popular music and concerned with cultures of resistance. In the original ‘Soft Wax’ project and spin-offs, that music was the various mid-to-late 50s styles (principally R&B), as heard on the earliest sound systems in Britain. Soft Wax’s work is also inspired by music of Jamaican origin, with considerable attention paid to visual and cultural presentation in his shows.

Supported by Arts Council England National Lottery, City Arts Development (Hull City Council).