Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Over The Hill Gang exhibition starts 4th August 2012

The next exhibition at The Museum of Club Culture is from the archive of american artist Michael Woody. 'The Over The Hill Gang' starts 4th August.

An exhibition of photographs from the 1970s of a self-described American “outlaw” biker gang The Over The Hill Gang. These photos are taken from the archive of American artist Michael Woody who is a close relative of one of the organization’s leaders.

The Over the Hill Gang were part of a select group called 'one percenters.’ They lived and worked together as a closed community, sharing a lifestyle centered on building and riding American motorcycles. The group was primarily made up of Vietnam veterans who worked as laborers and on assembly lines in Arlington Texas during the Carter years. The images capture a two-year period in which they reached a pinnacle of cohesive, peripheral existence, but then fell into violent dissolution, seeing many members either imprisoned or worse.

These photographs provide a fascinating look into the margins of American society during the late 1970s, and provide an intimate glimpse into an alternative community seeking liberation in extremes.

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