Friday, 29 November 2013

Guy Sherwin

There will be screenings of 11 films from 'Short Film Series' by Guy Sherwin on Saturday 30th November  and Sunday 1 December at The Projection Rooms, Museum of Club Culture, Hull. 12 - 4.30pm

The work is part of an ongoing film project by Guy Sherwin which began in 1975

'The series is held together by certain formal considerations: each film is three minutes long, i.e. the length of a roll of 16mm film, all films are b/w and silent, and the order in which they are shown is flexible. Apart from this there is a range of imagery from portraiture to still life to travel. The films operate on the border between movement and stillness, revealing their inner logic through an active engagement in looking.
For the exhibition I have made two DVDs from the 16mm originals, one with 5 films and the other with 6 films. Thus the connections between the films are always changing.
A DVD of 34 films from Short Film Series is in production with LUX, to be released late 2013'. Guy Sherwin

A bit about Guy Sherwin:
Films have been included in 'Film as Film' Hayward Gallery 1979, 'Live in Your Head' Whitechapel Gallery 2000, 'Shoot Shoot Shoot' Tate Modern 2002, 'A Century of Artists' Film & Video' Tate Britain 2003/4. His work is in the collections of Cinematheque Francaise, Tate Gallery, British Council, BFI, and distributed by LUX London, Lightcone Paris, Film-Makers Co-op New York and Canyon San Francisco.

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