Monday, 17 March 2014

Lets Dance!

Lets Dance! A mixed media exhibition of photography, moving image, vintage ephemera and illustration which celebrates and chronicles the ever developing expressive cultural art form of dance.This exciting exhibition reaches out across the globe and through the ages exploring DANCE MANIA and the nocturnal world of ballrooms, juke joints, subterranean cabaret clubs, street and warehouse parties, raves, discos and nightclubs,

Investigating dance styles as diverse as the nightclub two step, to the charleston, latin mambo, rumba, merengue, the harlem shake, tap dancing, lindy hop, acrobatic jitterbug, the rock n roll jive, the bop, the stroll, the bus stop, cakewalks, Teddy Boy dances, the All night Mod dances, the pony, the twist, the monkey, the mash potato, the boomerang, the funky chicken, Disco dancing, the hustle, Northern Soul shuffles, spins and backdrops, Ska and Reggae dancing, Hip Hop breaking, electric boogie, moonwalks, locking and body popping, the Punk pogo, to raving and House Music dancing, jacking and vogue.

Throw Some Shapes at LETS DANCE! 19th April - 1st June 2014

Open weekends 11 – 4.30pm or during the week by appointment
Amore Hirosuke, champion Lindy Hop, Japan